5 Easy Ways To Promote Your Instagram Account

5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Instagram Account

Within past few years, Instagram has proven its edge in the social media platform. Today, it is serving millions of users every day from different corners of the world. Business owners find it best place to reach up to target market by capturing the attention of masses without even spending more. However, beginners may still have some difficulty in promoting their Instagram account. Don’t worry! There are a few simple tips that you need to follow to succeed with your brand promotion campaign.

Try cross-platform promotion:

In this digital age, you must be connected to multiple social networks. Why not take additional advantage from these platforms? Simply mention your account on different networking websites to grab the attention of more followers. Prefer to share eye-catching photos and videos on your Instagram account and then put that link on other social media websites.

Motivate near and dear ones:

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Here is the simplest and trustworthy trick that you can try to promote Instagram account online. Start by establishing connections with your near and dear ones; motivate them to boost engagement on the posts you have added to your profile. Continuous likes and comments naturally attract more followers around, and they will soon come to know about your business.

Interact more to establish healthy relationships:

Posting videos or images online is not enough; you need to interact more with your audience. Respond to their comments; you can also like or follow back their posts. This engagement will help you to establish healthy relations with your audience, and they are automatically going to generate more returns for the long run.

Create contests or polls online:

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Instagram has recently added the story poll feature; business owners can take several benefits out of it. Polls help to boost engagement on the Instagram profile, and they also collect user-generated content from the market. Experts also advise launching contests time to time to attract audience attention towards your business. Prefer to choose a potential theme, ideas for your polls and contests; they can bring more traffic to your business.

Use hashtags in your posts:

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How can we forget to talk about this amazing trick for social media marketing? Your stories on Instagram can be more valuable if you add appropriate hashtags to them. There is no need to add numbers of hashtags to every post; just a few with good quality can work better. Hashtags make people feel connected to your platform.


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