How Facebook Should Be Used To Reach More People Organically

How Facebook Should Be Used To Reach More People Organically

As a small business, you can still reach more people through Facebook without having to go beyond your meagre budget. You can squeeze more juice out of your social media marketing for less. It’s all about knowing what to do with your Facebook to reach a larger audience without spending on Facebook Ads. It’s not just about Search Engine Optimization now when it comes to digital marketing. Social media marketing really works. As a small business owner, you need to get serious with social media marketing. Focus more on Facebook just like the other 65 million business pages on Facebook.

The main focus of this piece is to shed light on how to improve your organic reach on Facebook. If you are wondering what organic reach denotes, it simply means the number of people who viewed your content without any paid distribution. This include the number of people who visit your page and those shown your ad. While other social media experts will bore you with discussing Facebook Algorithm and all, this post will focus on four important areas to help your organic reach;

1. Publish Awesome Content

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This is what others will refer to as “Evergreen content”. You have to be strategic with your social media contents. That’s what your competitors are failing to do and you have to take the lead by pushing beautiful content out consistently. An evergreen content is your best weapon to reach more people. It’s not just Google that love excellent contents, even Facebook does. Such content increase engagement and your business page is always active.

2. Publish When You Competitors are Sleeping and Idle

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You would have been thinking of when these evergreen contents should be published. The question have been answered with the sub-heading. You will have to know when your competitors are not doing anything on their business page. Basically, when they are sleeping. At that point, their followers will be like a herd without a shepherd. They just handed you the key to the kingdom, just make their followers yours. Rather than wait for the competitors, the followers come to you.

3. Channel Audience From Other Platforms

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You are not making any mistake if you funnel traffic to your Facebook business page from other sources. Currently, social media marketing yield better results for businesses. You can also utilize this method to build the initial audience that is needed to kickstart your Facebook reach. Just make it known to your followers on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest that you have a presence on Facebook. Don’t go overboard about it. Your website is another place to funnel people to your Facebook page.

4. Why Not Videos? Yes To Videos

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There’s a shift to video content in recent years and Facebook isn’t left behind. Everyday Facebook average not less than 8 billion video views everyday. If you are a business on Facebook and you’ve never posted videos or you don’t see videos as important, you are losing out on a goldmine. Native videos have become one of the strengths of Facebook. As a small business relying on digital marketing, you should publish more videos.


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