How To Create Outbound Links

  1. How can I create SEOed outbound links?

Your SEO strategy has to be bigger than keywords and quality content, even if those things are the foundation. One of the essential pieces to your larger SEO plans is outbound links. With the right outbound links in place, you can draw new visitors to your site and keep them there until they convert.

Hopefully you see the value in outbound links by now. But you may be wondering, “How can I make the most of outbound links for my SEO?” If so, this next section is for you…

Link to Other Sites that Mention You

External Links

One of the easiest (and most beneficial) ways to create outbound links is simply to link to any sites that mention your organization, company, or website. This could be a news article, a press release, a review, an interview, or any number of other sites or pages. So, get on Google and search for you name. Then, come up with creative ways to link to the sites that you find.

Ask Clients and Customers to Link to Your Site

If you’re doing a great job and your customers are pleased, asking them to link back to your site through their own is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. It benefits both of you, making it a win-win. And Google (as well as the other search engines) really appreciate reviews. So, if you can get some reviews out there with links back to your site, you’ll really start to see some positive momen

Use Your Blog to Link to Others

You don’t have to create 5,000 word exposes to benefit from blogging. Short, 500-1,000 word blogs can have a huge impact on your SEO, especially if you include links to other relevant content. As I mentioned before, everyone loves resource centers. So, even if you just create pages like ‘The Top 5 [Fill in the Blank] Sites on the Internet’, you’ll find that it benefits you.

Your blog is your number one SEO tool. Make sure to use it to its fullest capacity – linking to others as you go.

Be Careful About Whom You Link To

Though we’ve focused on the power of building outbound links, this doesn’t mean that you can just link to anyone and still reap the benefits. Only link to reliable websites with quality information.

And it’s also worth noting, you may occasionally come across companies that promise to build ‘thousands of backlinks’, etc. Be really careful about anything that sounds too good to be true. If it sounds like it, it usually is.

So, focus on earning links to high quality content. Create your own blogs, articles, listicles, and more that are compelling and engaging. Make your content so good that people want to link to it. If you have to pay for the links, they likely won’t do much for you in the long term.

Google is smarter than you think. And eventually, it will figure out that no one actually cares about your site. So, don’t take the risk.

Trade Links… with the Right People

Trading links has been a popular way to build one’s authority for a long time. Unfortunately, like many good things, it’s gotten abused. Trading links is a great tool if you’re doing so with other sites that are in the same niche and the link makes sense. But if it’s just a scheme to try and get as many links as possible, as quickly as you can, then it won’t hold water in the long run.

Basically, you should avoid anything that’s unscrupulous or smacks of manipulation. Those things may work for a season but they’re sure to fail over the course of months and years.

Be Honest

It’s really this simple. Be honest. Don’t try to manipulate the system. Don’t think that you can fill your page with the ‘right’ keywords without offering quality content. Don’t make your content different from what your keywords are. Just be real.

Tricks and games may give you a boost over the next day or two… but none of those things work if you want higher rankings permanently. And if you want sustainable success, you need a stable strategy.

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