How to Generate More Leads With Instagram Stories


Did you know that 70% of Instagram users prefer watching stories before posts?

Being one of the most popular social media marketing tools in today’s time, Instagram stories undoubtedly play a significant role in establishing a connection with your target audience. With stories, you can give your audience a sneak peek into your team, backstage action, promotional events, and everything that goes into making your brand what it is.

Check out these 5 tips to make an effective use of Instagram stories, and generate more leads for your business –

  • Make updates on your stories up to 3-5 a day, as maintaining a frequency will give you better exposure to generate leads in the future.
  • For every 4th or 5th story, create a call to action for the audience, as it will make your presence more interactive and lively.
  • Never miss a chance to use hashtags in your Instagram stories to increase your prospects of being searched by your relevant audience.
  • If you wish to stand apart from your competitors and generate more leads, then you might as well create Instagram stories using graphic design.
  • Lastly, one of the best ways to generate more leads is to engage with your followers by creating a poll or an emoji scale on your Instagram story. Polls and sliders are really effective, as they give you an opportunity to start a conversation with your audience in the most spontaneous way.