How To Shoot Your Business Higher Using Social Media In 2019

How To Shoot Your Business Higher Using Social Media in 2019.

As the year is winding up, you should have taken stock of what you have done right and wrong for the year. Of course, one of your wrongs will be your inability to strategically utilize social media to benefit your business. When it comes to social media, it doesn’t matter what niche or industry you are, you can always elevate your business when social media marketing is done correctly. There’s nothing left to be done this year anymore but you can prepare your local business or your small business for success in 2019 using digital marketing.

In this piece, we’ll be focusing on strategies your local business should adopt to reap all the benefits derivable from social media marketing. Of course, the potency and effectiveness of social media marketing is not in doubt. What is in doubt is how you can use it to bring in maximum ROI. One thing is sure, you’ll find social media marketing quite overwhelming especially at the beginning. You will be confused on where to start from, which platform to pitch your tent with or the approach that should be adopted. Don’ sweat, just read ahead, it has been made simpler just for your small business;

Don’t Be Worried About Your Days of Little Beginnings; Start Small

If anyone is telling you to go all out with social media marking, they are digging the grace of your marketing efforts. There are just too many platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn. Of course, you’ll be aiming to establish your presence on all these platforms, don’t do it!

Pick one for a start and build it steadily. Adopt the growth stage of a child; crawl, walk and run. All doesn’t come at a time, it takes time. It’s a two way idea, don’t expect your social media marketing to flourish from day one. Secondly, you’ll have to invest quality time into your social media marketing efforts.

Who Are Your Target Audience?

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Until you are able to find answers to this simple question, don’t engage in social media marketing or even digital marketing in it entirety. Without a target audience in mind, you are like a Pilot flying an airplane without a map and compass, you’ll end us lost somewhere unknown.

With a target audience, you’ll be sure of the strategy to adopts. Let’s assume your business makes customized and personalised phone cases, you should have Millennials as your target audience. This will guide you to choosing Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube as your preferred platforms. The demography of your target audience will be a factor to consider with the content type and time of posting.

Have a Team or Seek For Help

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You need a social media team in place, that’s what successful business does this days. They bring in the social media savvy people and let them dictate the pace and flow of social media marketing. You can’t be running a business and be running social media pages. Bring in a team as soon as your social media marketing efforts is gathering steam.

Look for a dream team or engage a digital marketing firm. They digital marketing team knows what to do every step of the way with your business. You can also checkout freelance marketplaces, you’ll find social media managers who are cheap and savvy. However, your business stands to gain immensely if you pitch your tent with an organized digital marketing firm.

A Mix of Timing and Spontaneity

You should have a schedule of when posts are to be made on your social media pages. However, don’t be too rigid as this can lead to predictability by your audience. Hence, you’ll become boring with some elements of surprise. If you don’t know, timing posts involves a bit of science and also an art.

This can only be after you have decided on the number of posts to be made on a weekly or daily basis. Don’t come out as a robot, or an automatic scheduler even though it’s one of the best tools available to you. Just know that people take along their smartphones to lunchbreaks, on the train to work and when they are abou to go to sleep. Let that guide your schedule.

Use it For Other Purposes Other Than Marketing

Of course, the main purpose of being on social media as a business is to drive traffic and convert leads to sales. However, when you utilize the platforms for other purposes like social responsibility or recruitment, it create an image of a brand with a personality in the mind of your audience. Don’t just be all about revenue generation.

All social media platforms can serve different purposes, with Twitter, you can connect with the thought leaders of your industry. On Facebook, the local community can be engaged, while LinkendIn can be utilized for mobilizing hires.

Compelling Visuals To Your Rescue

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Don’t just be all about text and text, humans are better moved and engaged using visuals. Let visuals form a substantial part of your content schedule. Make it fresh whenever it is published. When a post comes with a GIF, picture, infographics, or a video, there’s an expected engagement level of around 300 percent. Usually, your business will thrive if the audience can picture you visually.

Make your visual content enticing, if it’s not, no one will bother to read what you are offering. In 2019, you stand a better chance of sending your competitors out of business if you invest heavily into visual contents. Don’t be bothered, you’ll get a huge ROI on every dime invested into visuals.


As a small business, you stand a chance of achieving greater success and breaking barriers if you know how to use social media marketing. With social media marketing, your local business has a potent tool to take your industry by storm. Everyone is on social media, let a minute percentage notice you and you’ll be amazed by the results. Whenever you are not getting results, seek help immediately.


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