How To Use Facebook Ads For Local Businesses

Small businesses are jumping into using Facebook ads and a good percentage are failing at it. For those 62% who are failing with their use of Facebook ads, they will be telling anyone that cares to listen how Facebook ad is a waste. No, it’s not a waste, you are just doing it the wrong way and expecting the right results. Facebook is always going to work for your brick and mortar business, if you go about it the right way. Firstly, know that you cannot handle it all by yourself, you’ll need a social media agency to generate positive results from Facebook Ads. To be part of the 38% who cannot do without Facebook Ads, you have to adopt the approach implemented by them.

To use Facebook ads for your small business, follow these steps;

1. Know and Target Your Audience

Every business have an audience and your audience are on Facebook. Usually, local businesses are unaware of their audience or when they do, they are oblivious of how to target them for Facebook ads.

Hello! If you are unable to target the right audience, you are bound to fail with Facebook ads. As a local business, your geographical location is where you should start your targeting. Then move to interest, age and gender. For instance, if you are marketing a type of bra, if the male gender can see your ad, you are more likely to fail.

2. There Must be a Reason To Click

What makes Facebook Ads perfect for local business is that your advert will lead the audience right to your doorstep. If they are not convinced to reach out to your business office, it’s not worth it.

Give your audience and incentive to click. This is not to say you should be deceitful but atleast sound convincing. We are not saying you should give them a 90% discount (that’s if they believe), something as low as 20% discount is enough to make them click and make the purchase.

3. Never Stop Optimizing Your Facebook Ads

Even if you are making enough sales to keep you going, know that you can still make better sales than now. That’s why you should make Facebook Ads optimization an art that has to be learnt.

Always carry out test to see how best you can streamline your target audience to get better results at a lower cost. You can run two ads variation at all times to see which will perform better and why the other is not doing well.

4. Don’t Forget To Follow Up

Because they click your Ads isn’t a guarantee that they will buy your goods and services. You need to do more and give them a reminder. Make it a habit to always follow up on anyone who have shown interest in your Facebook Ads.

They could have just clicked and move on to something else. It’s not that they are no longer interested in your product or services, they just need a little push.


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