Organic SEO vs. Local SEO: Which Do You Need ?

You’ve probably heard of local SEO and have found places, businesses and services online because of it. Don’t think you have? Well, if you have ever searched on your phone for a restaurant, towing service, gas station, information center, theatre or grocery store (to name a few possibilities) the results Google would have provided to you in the community you were in when you made you search inquiry were the result of local SEO.

Here’s why local SEO is so successful…analytics indicate that 80% of local searches convert. This is why it is a good investment for you to include local SEO as part of your SEO strategy. It will – not might – boost foot traffic, sales, and revenue.

For example, if you work in the following industries :

the formula for success looks like this:

Your business listing + local SEO = more business

Here’s Why You Should Use Local SEO

When you enter a search, let’s say yours is “best realtors in Miami ,” Google will respond with a three-pack of information. The contents of that three-pack will include a map, a list of the top three realtors and both the map and list will be focused on Miami, not national or global results. In other words, local SEO sends targeted, local results direct to the searcher.

Local SEO - Miami

Who Should Use Local SEO?

Local SEO demo

Well, this is sort of a no-brainer if your online goal is to increase exposure to your business or product. The benefits of implementing a local SEO strategy are not hard to understand nor are they complicated to explain. Essentially your main benefits are that your business needs visibility to be seen in local search results and that local SEO is a lot less costly to maintain than most other forms of internet marketing.

SEO vs. Local SEO

Here’s where it gets a little confusing for some. If your business is using a web service and they are providing you with SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, what exactly is the difference between this and local SEO, if any? That’s an easy one to explain and we’ve already hinted at it a little bit further up this page. So let’s break it down for you…


With SEO your website receives treatment that increases its visibility on both a national and international scale. For example, if you are in the mini storage business, your SEO strategy would work to make your mini storage service stand out from all other mini storage facilities in the state, country and beyond. That may sound like a great idea, and it does improve your ranking. However, if your mini storage facility is in Florida, reaching the top of the search engine result page (SERP) for a search someone did in Nova Scotia or the United Kingdom may not bring you extra revenue. This is where local SEO comes into play.

Local SEO

Okay, same scenario. You have a mini storage business in Miami . Someone in Southern Florida in or near Miami enters a search on their mobile device for “mini storage near me” or “local mini storage” or just “where can I find mini storage.” Local SEO will send that user information on your facility in a top three list of results plus a map showing where you are located. Remember we told you that 80% of local searches convert? Now you know why.

Local SEO provides faster, easier, cost-effective results within your local area bringing you traffic from within your territory. You couldn’t get that kind of response from a print ad in the local newspaper or ads on the local radio station simply because that form or marketing goes to everyone, including those not looking to use your service. Local SEO targets users seeking your type of business, which means they are already shopping around.


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