Powerful Benefits Of Blogging For Your Small Business

Blogs provide customers and others with an opportunity to see part of the daily work of an entrepreneur. –By following along as a person moves step by step in the development of their business, it's easier to follow the path their business takes. It also reflects the personal experience of the author, which they share with the reader, thereby placing the business in context. As an ordinary visitor, you can ask the author and business owner questions, decide whether to use their services and products, and discuss your experience.

In essence, a blog is a virtual consultation with those who create and develop a business. This access to authority helps people to feel an atmosphere of intimacy and connct with the business on a personal level.

The main advantages of blogging and social networks


Personal pages, profiles, social media accounts: all this creates an image of a person or company and creates a sense of familiarity. Social networks also have the advantage of customer feedback. You can see the number of references to the company and track the dynamics. Take into account this data and promptly adjust your image.


Repeat sales are the main engine of growth in commerce. According to statistics, attracting a new client is 5–10 times more expensive than getting repeat business from customers.


Social networks provide an additional stream of customers and method of attracting partners. A customer finds the information → visits the site → gets acquainted with the business → gets a consultation → fills out the order form → receives the goods. Thus, you can increase the number of hits with the help of social networks.


Social media is a way to reach more people and find a new audience. This includes all the sites where you can post and comment on posts - blogs, forums, and dedicated social media sites. You can talk about products and services and convey your values to millions of people.


Reputation management is the main part of business development. Active discussion on relevant blogs about your products and services allows you to analyze and maintain your reputation. One has only to track the mentions, reactions, and communications about your business, and eliminate the negative.

Identify needs

Using a blog for surveys, you can find out what customers are satisfied with or dissatisfied with, how much time they have to make a purchase decision, who they consult with and who they give recommendations. This information is invaluable.

Regular information

The most effective way to convey relevant information and to establish feedback.


Social networks provide a ready-made database. City, age, education, solvency, religious views, musical preferences, and more: you can collect these indicators, focusing on the exact parameters of the target audience. Social networks also track behavioral factors, like which communities the user participates in, what he likes and shares, and geolocation information.

Finally, we can say that blogs and social networks are a new sphere of influence and an excellent means of communication with the consumer. Now many readers have more confidence in blogs than in traditional media. The average consumer understands that a blog is maintained by an ordinary person like them, making the business seem much more relatable, which leads to better engagement and sales.


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