Pros And Cons Of Social Media For A Small Business

Social media is about low cost and large audience. It’s a platform that allows you be easily carried away by social media. Yes, it may appear like free marketing for your business, if not done correctly can do irreparable damages to your business. In less than a decade, social media have grown from being just another means of socializing to one trusted by brands and businesses. Today, social media marketing for small business is dominating the marketing efforts of businesses.

What businesses relying on social media marketing don’t realize is that there are two sides of a coin to digital content marketing. If done properly, it could bring about tremendous success for a business, if not done well, it could boomerang and bring nothing but bad press for the business. Before delving into social media marketing for small business, there are pros and cons to it.

Pros of Social Digital Marketing

1. Low Cost

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Small business find social digital marketing appealing as a result of the low cost. As popular as Facebook and Instagram, you don’t have to pay to join any of these platforms. This is the edge that social digital marketing have over other traditional means of advertising.

2. Large Audience

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Imagine advertising in a magazine, the audience will be fixed and limited to only those who subscribe to the magazine. With a local marketing company, you are likely to reach a larger audience far beyond your environment. You can start by checking out any internet marketing company near you.

3. Interaction and Feedback

The problems any small business will have with traditional medium of advertising is one of the strong point of social media marketing. You can be in the know as to the opinions of your target audience. With social media marketing, you can being a loyal customer base for the future.

4. Excellent Customer Service Experience

There’s no better medium to connect to your customer and solve any problem associated with your goods and services. Through social media, the customers are able to voice out praise, suggestions and even criticism needed to improve your services.

Cons of Social Digital Marketing

1. Time Demanding

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This is still a con but can be managed if you have a small ad marketing agency managing your social media. The reason is simple, you don’t have the luxury of time needed to develop awesome content necessary for social media success.

2. Delayed Returns on Investment

Social media marketing is more of a long-term investment. Don’t expect immediate returns on your investments. There are two ROI in social media marketing; financial and social. Both takes time to convert to real sales.

3. Constant Vigilance and Monitoring

With social media marketing, you cannot just leave it and allow it control itself. You have to be in touch with it at all time. You need to be ready to respond to messages and other social signals at all time.


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