How an SEO Audit Helps Your Company Grow

Website promotion is extremely necessary if you want to see high growth in the number of visits. It is important to have a strong Internet presence, not only to create a representative office for your business online, but also to provide resources that attract the flow of visitors, thereby taking a leading position in the online market. The technical condition of a website is the main requirement for its promotion. Search engines actively monitor the quality of sites, lowering the rankings of any resource that does not meet their requirements. To avoid this, many site owners use SEO auditing to identify problems and fix them in a timely manner.

An audit is necessarily performed before the start of website promotion, because it is needed to determine the readiness of the site to perform active actions during its promotion. An audit can also be performed to evaluate the results obtained from a particular promotion.

What is a site audit?

A site audit is a comprehensive check of the technical parameters of the site, which affect its promotion in search engines. The site audit helps to avoid errors that negatively affect the work and promotion of the site, such as:

The main goal of the audit work is to increase the productivity of the site's operation, which in turn will attract more visitors to the site, increase the conversion percentage (the ratio of regular customers of the site to the total number of visitors) and ultimately increase profits.

There are four main types of audit:

Each of these types of audits will help make many significant changes and corrections. But it is worth noting that only comprehensive work will ensure a significant increase in the productivity of the site. Audits should be carried out regularly to avoid technical errors that can arise.

As a result of the audit, the site will receive:

The main thing is to correctly use the data obtained from the audit. This data will help to clearly form an idea of what is working well now and what additional work is needed, because even a new site may have a whole range of problems.


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