Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

Social Media has taken over pretty much every business in the 21st Century – and the food industry has been especially impacted by the immense power of social media in reaching out to people. People from all walks of life happen to be on social media these days. And you’re missing out on a whole lot of effective publicity by not having your restaurant business on social media.

Just consider this: Today, everything from looking up the restaurant’s menu, to ordering the food and having it delivered to your doorstep can all be done solely via the Internet. Every part of the food ordering process has been replaced by the Internet in one way or the other.

In this context – another extremely impactful use of social media for restaurants, is marketing!

If you’re a restauranter who isn’t part of any social media marketing – we need to have a talk. Fact is, you’re missing out big time! Not only are you missing out on the revenue that you can make by having more reach via social media, you’re also going to have a less retention rate with customers as you slid away from their memories over time. Social media marketing can form a major chunk of your restaurant marketing strategy. With the help of these platforms – you’ll be able to stand in competition with your rivals in the industry, as well as be even more accessible for your customers.

Social media is all about interaction and convenience. With just the tap of a few buttons, you’re about to stay in touch with family and friends across the globe, view what other people are doing, have an idea of events going on around your area – and also get involved with all types of communities! All this is great for you as an individual, but how does social media make marketing easy for restaurants?

Images Are Everything

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Gone are the days of newspapers and brochures. In the 21st Century, all you need to advertise your business is images, gifs and videos. Instagram is the ideal platform for this – whereby you can entice your audience with mouth watering pictures of your restaurant food. Food is an aesthetic art – and you must market your art with high quality, tactfully taken pictures of the restaurant food.

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With the help of images and Instagram, you can reach out to many niches that Facebook and other social media platforms won’t be able to offer. It’s a huge mistake to overlook Instagram – and you don’t want to commit this marketing sin if you’re looking to achieve success with your restaurant business!

Reach Out To New Customers

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With the help of social media, and using tools like Google Ads and Facebook Ads etc – you can have a tremendous reach for your restaurant. Attract them with a special or a Masterclass ! You can consequently reach out to prospective customers who will see your restaurant and it’s advertisements on their feed everyday. With such an effective way if marketing yourself to new customers, you can ensure that you’re constantly relevant to newer demographics and also consistently in the process of winning more new customers.

Stay In Touch With Existing Customers

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Being on social media allows you the opportunity to interact with existing in customers. It will hence place your business on the front of their minds, even when they’re not actively using your services. With the help of a platform on social media, you will allow your clients the room to leave reviews and comment, share photos of special events in their life, and mentioning your business as a place to celebrate.

Put simply, social media marketing for restaurants is a digital version of everything you are doing already – interacting and communicating with customers.

Make An Image For Your Brand

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Apart from winning over customers or mairniantig older ones – social media can also help a lot in establishing an image for your brand that is cohesive with your mission statement.

Gain Insights

With the help of social media, you can gain access to many powerful insights pertaining to your business that you can use to further develop your marketing strategy. What is your primary demographics? What are the propositions that are most popular with your audience – what gets the audience excited, and what leaves them bored and yawning?! With social media, you can gain access to all of this knowledge with just the click of a button.

Choosing Your Platforms

When deciding the best marketing strategy for your restaurant, you have to make sure you’re going with the social media platforms that are most suitable and also the most effective. Currently, the top 3 social media platforms are Google My Business, Facebook and Instagram

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free online toolset powered by Google. It enables business owners to mark their business on Google maps, makes it possible for customers to use Google reviews, and allows photos of that business to be tagged through GPS data.

Technically speaking, Google My Business is not social media. However it is extremely significant in any digital marketing strategy and is crucial when it comes to social media marketing for restaurants.

Fact is, the first thing most people do when faced with a new place to eat – is to look it up on Google and view the reviews. Hence, it is essential that your business is making use of this tool! Moreover, your Google search rankings will also be improved with this tool.


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Facebook is an absolute juggernaut It is the most diverse as well as the largest audience of any platform on the Internet.

Apart from the huge audience accessible on Facebook, it also provides you with countless options for interaction. Customers have the option to check-in that they were at your location, leave a review on your page, view your menu, upload photos to your page, visit your website, tag you in their own photos, and reach out to you through Facebook Messenger.

If you happen to new to the fundamentals of marketing on social media for restaurants – Facebook is definitely what you want to start with.


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instagram may not be as huge as Facebook – but it is still an immense opportunity to market your restaurant. In the context of restaurants, Instagram is especially helpful as it allows you to share pictures of your food with other people.


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