Rarely will you find someone out there with a smartphone without a Facebook account. Better still, there’s someone out there looking for what you offer using their social media account, our job at Flying Lion is to make it easier for that prospective client to reach you.
Unlike what you must have experienced when it comes to Social Media Marketing, we adopts a personal and hands on approach at Flying Lion. We are a local media agency, ready to walk through your doors everytime and show the world what we are seeing. We don’t just understand how social media works, we have a combination of skill sets that can benefit your business.

Our skill sets ranges from photography, videography, content writing, animation and of course, social media ads optimization. All of these skillsets are what makes us the right choice for your business. You’ll be getting all of these expertise for a price lower than you can get elsewhere.
We don’t believe in over the phone or email conversation, we are ready to have a sit down with you, observe your environment and capture every moment that will shoot your business pass your competitors. Flying Lion isn’t just about social media marketing, our strength all lies in our ability to generate results via social media ads. You’ll see the conversion and the result of every cent spent.

Our Social Media Marketing Package Includes :

check - Social Media Marketing Graphic Design
check - Social Media Marketing Video Animation
check - Social Media Marketing Motion Video
check - Social Media Marketing Targeted Advertising
check - Social Media Marketing Contextual Marketing
check - Social Media Marketing Influencer
check - Social Media Marketing Content Marketing

We create shareable content

BLIZZARD FAB - Social Media Marketing
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