With Faster Website You Win the Marketing Race

Case study: from 20% loading time to 100%

There are dual benefits of fast website. Visitors just love faster experience and search engines praise you with higher rankings.

Slow Website

Customers arriving at your site and are going to your competitors almost straight away case your website won't load fast enough.
No matter how brilliant your website is, if it isn't fast enough for Google's liking, your rankings will take a hit.
Google has made it very clear that websites with a faster load speed will be given precedence over others.
Page after page of slowly loading content might change your brand's image, maybe even for good. As your brand may become associated with amateur practices.

Fast Website

Great user experience
Higher conversions
Customer retention - the visitors will not leave your page in favor of your competitor's fast loading page
Fast loading website will go a long way to ensuring that your visitors are engaged and the great content you have created is actually working for you ( the marketing dollars you are spending will not be thrown away - your content will be visible and appreciated)
The great feeling you get when you know you are "outspeeding" your competitors and are the owner of one of the fastest loading websites , on top of your game etc etc.

Why speed is more important than you think?

Google and other search engines penalize sites that load slowly - but more importantly, so do users. They stop visiting, bounce, and don't buy.

Google knows that sending people to slow loading websites can wreak havoc on the user experience, so it comes as no surprise that the search giant still places value on site speed.


By improving your website speed you are killing two birds with one stone: you retain customers who would othervise leave your website and you get google as your ally and your SEO rankings are growing in front of your eyes !

How many times have you went to a website or blog, only to have it take a few second to load and you end up leaving the site?

Yes , your visitors are leaving your website if it's not fast enough and many times it will go unnoticed by the site owner, and more often - will never be fixed!

Not only you are losing the potential clients , you are losing the advertising and marketing dollars being used to get people to your site.

In today's world where instant gratification is key and attention spans are at the shortest period ever, no one is going to wait around for a site to load.


What affects your speed?

  • Lack of browser cache and Gzip compression.
  • Bad or non-optimized web hosting
  • Excessive number of scripts & fonts ⓘ
  • Repeated scripts or CSS files ⓘ
  • Images - one of the elements with the highest volume;
  • Bloated plugins that connect to third party services, causing too many redirects (amazing how many plugins do this).
  • Too many plugins/extensions in the CMS ⓘ
  • There are many more factors that affect load time:

How do I know my speed is really that slow and you are not just trying to scare me and sell me your services?

Here is a list of useful websites where you can check your speed for free. In our work we use google speed insights.

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