Things That Will Make Google Hate You

Things That Will Make Google Hate You

There was a time when you could whip up a website and park it online to promote your products or services within an hour. That was before the internet became a competitive web of pages all screaming to get your attention. With Google calling the shots as to who gets to see what, you can easily lose traffic to your website by doing any of the things listed below.

There is no doubt that if you don’t attempt to get up close and personal with Google, your website is going to suffer. That’s because Google is the Elvis of search engines and if Elvis doesn’t like your website for any reason, no one else is going to know it exists. However, there are some that Google hates. Here is a list of tricks you should avoid using at all costs.

1 – – Your Site Isn’t Secure

A secure website is worth a lot to you as far as Google is concerned. With an SSL Certificate, you show visitors to your site that you are protecting them. Google sees secure websites as trusted sources. If your website/web page addresses say http instead of https, you have an unsecured website. Search engines will slowly remove you from their index and provide secure sites in search engine results instead. It’s crucial to the success of your online presence.

2 – Keyword Stuffing

SEO results are seriously impacted by the way the content is presented. While keyword use is a huge plus in getting those rankings up there, overusing them will go against you. Yes, there is a formula but Google tends to change that regularly. Just make sure your keywords are in your page titles, URLs, written content and sprinkled lightly. If you offer SEO services through an SEO company, it’ll be obvious with proper keyword usage. Stuffing will hurt rankings.

3 – Publishing The Same Thing From Somewhere Else

Oooo. This is a real time saver. Why spend time and effort writing new blog content about your specific niche when you can just copy ‘n’ paste something from another website or source? Well, that would save you a lot of work but Google will know that you’ve done it. Even with the millions of web pages out there, Google will be able to identify the precise location you got that content from and you’ll be penalized as a result. Your website rankings will drop.

4 – Cloaking

This black hat SEO tactic involves distorting content accessed by search engines through the development of layered content. It makes Google think that your website is hosting different content thanks to a misleading link. It can work for you until Google discovers it and once that happens, you risk having your entire website removed from the search engine’s index. In other words, your website becomes invisible and you won’t be able to do anything about it.

5 – Slow Sites

Page loading is a big deal these days. Gone are the slow-loading pages of the dial-up age. Everyone wants their information in the blink of an eye and Google does as well. The deal is that when pages load fast, they contribute to the user experience. Slow pages drive users away. This means that images, the content of all kinds have to operate in such a way that the pages are not slowed down because that will be noted by Google and will have an impact on rankings.

6 – Pages Filled With Ads

Sure, when you become an affiliate to some product online you will want to flaunt it with ads. That’s particularly true if you earn commissions on those ads. However, you have to try to control yourself when it comes to the amount of advertising you jam into each of your web pages. Too much may result in a bad experience for users who can’t figure out the difference between content and advertising. Google can, and will not be kind about ranking your site.

7 – Not Mobile-Friendly

Not everyone surfs the net on a desktop computer anymore. All you have to do is look around you anywhere there is a crowd of people to see many of them are staring at tablets or smartphones.The majority of them are on the internet and if your website is not mobile-friendly, these people won’t see your website. Think of it as an opportunity.If you want more business, go mobile. If you want less, don’t. Google will help by keeping mobile users away as well.

8 – Hiring A $199 SEO Services Company

Outsourcing services to an offshore SEO company may financially make sense, but in reality, you will be getting what you pay for. That means a low-quality product that will be stuffed with spammy links that will cause Google to truly dislike your website. Plus, if you get your website built in a place like say, India, where English is not a native tongue, the content written on your site will read poorly to other English-speaking humans which will turn them off and send them away from your website.

9 – Hidden Links

A good linking strategy helps your website rankings. However, by using hidden links to sneak in a backlink here and there you are being a bit too stealthy. Let us explain…hidden links are invisible to regular visitors to your website however, Google sees them. Hidden links can sometimes contain viruses or act as the door to a massive virus attack. If Google sees a hidden link, your ranking will suffer. So avoid downloading anything from unsecured sites for linking.

In Conclusion

Why would you want to have search engines ignore your products or services? It goes against the train of thought that the more people who see your website, the more likely they will buy something being offered there. Getting shunned by Google is a lot like having an unlisted phone number. No one is going to find you.


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