Top 4 Social Media Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

Here’s a question for you. How social is your business online? We’re talking about social media and if it is something you’ve chosen to shy away from let us try to convince you to take another look. In a world that is basically unsocial, we have an electronic means to converse with people we don’t even know. The interesting thing about this sort of social interaction is that it can build your business. It’s all because of that super information highway that runs through the internet.

Living within the internet is a number of different social networks. Inside of those are all your new customers. But how do you reach them? Avoid these mistakes and you could see a larger profit in your next quarter.

1 .When Customers Give You Feedback Online, Ignore ‘Em

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First off, what do they know about running your business, right? You are the expert on the quality, selection and pricing of the widgets you sell in your store. Social media marketing is going to exposure your stuff to the masses and there are going to be some jerks out there who think they know a lot more about widgets than you do. Ignore them. They aren’t going to be customers of yours anyway.

2 . Never, Ever Track Your Marketing Campaign Data

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Hey, it’s all numbers. Anyone can interpret them in any one of a gazillion different ways. Besides, clicks don’t always mean sales and leads are a huge waste of time. It’s like those customers who just stop by to ‘browse’ which is a nice way of saying they are just killing time. So data means nothing. What counts is the amount of cash in the till at the end of the day.

3 .Try Extremely Hard To Send Out Conflicting Messages

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Focus is for the nerds at the sporting shop down the street. When you use any form of marketing you already know that more is best. That’s because if you just promote your Swedish-made widgets, you’re leaving out the customers who are interested in the Russian-made widgets. Why would you ever want to do that? Blurt out everything so you don’t miss a sale.

4 . When It Comes To Crunch Time, Get In Their Faces

They say that social media users don’t respond well to hard sales tactics. We say that’s a bunch of hooey. Think back to your biggest sales over the last couple of months. Remember having to employ some strong arming to push a couple of customers over the edge? The internet gives you many ways to pester online customers to the point where they will buy to get rid of you.

In Conclusion

Hey, we’re not kidding when we say the internet is a tough way to market your business. However, in many ways, when you do it right, your business will flourish. So, forget the things that your Cousin Tom told you he read somewhere about the evils of social media and jump on this crazy, world-wide web and turn your business fortunes into something far better than they are at this very moment. Social media marketing will make a difference but you have to use it correctly to experience this. Good luck!


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