Useful Analytics Services for Social Networks


Do you know which day of the week your Instagram posts get the most engagement? Do you have an idea if your Facebook posts are really generating more leads? Which are your best performing tweets?

It is only through analytics tools for social networks that you’ll be able to find answers to all the above stated questions. Take a look at our selection of useful analytic services for social networks that make reporting and analyzing data much easier with their exclusive features –

  • Popsters – Popsters offers easy solutions to improve the efficiency of your posts in the future, by allowing you to analyze and compare performances on the basis of page activity and other relevant statistics that indicate post popularity.
  • Livedune – Livedune provides a large database on bloggers by analyzing accounts in social networks. It can also be effectively used in advertising campaigns creation.
  • SimilarWeb –SimilarWeb helps you gain insight into all data on any site, making it an intelligent solution to make the right decision and optimize your digital effectiveness at the same time.
  • Publer –Publer helps to schedule your posts, save time, and drive traffic to your business in the best way possible. Publer is quite useful as a social media analytics tool, especially for businesses that are taking their first steps into the world of advertising.

What are some of your favorite analytics resources for social networks? Share links in the comment section!

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