What is a Landing Page and How Does it Work?

A landing page is the specific webpage that a potential customer views after clicking on an advertisement or search results. Landing pages are designed to invite visitors to perform a specific action, such as viewing the recording of a webinar, signing up for a certain service, buying a product, subscribing to news, etc. This restriction allows the landing page to be incredibly effective, and therefore remain relevant.

Advantages of Using a Landing Page

It is important to note that in order to increase sales, it is not enough just to create the landing page itself. It is also necessary to create promotion through free and paid channels in order to get traffic to the page, using techniques such as

A landing page is a springboard for your business. They are designed to be able to succinctly explain to the potential buyer the essence of the sales offer and stimulate interest in your product.


Landing pages allow not only to contact the target audience you need, but also to collect important information: phone numbers and email addresses of interested people. In the future, you will need this information in order to establish contact with them and lead them to the purchase decision.

A well-designed landing page provides the company with an influx of target customers, increases conversion, and provides competitive advantages. Unlike a multi-page website where a lot of information is presented, the landing page gives the user only what is needed.

If you create a landing page yourself, without having sufficient knowledge and skills, you can lose a lot of time and not get the desired results. In business, every minute is precious, so it's a good idea to trust professionals who will provide a full range of services in the field of promoting your business online.


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