Why Small Businesses Have Social Media Marketing Advantage

It’s not about the number of social media followers you have, what matters is the level of customer engagement. Today, social media marketing for small business is a hot topic. See it as a powerful tool in your marketing war chest. However, you’ll need a strategy to utilize the marketing tool. 70% of small businesses solely rely on social media marketing; this is due to efficiency and inexpensiveness. Check through your social media pages; there are always going to be small businesses advertising their brand. Indeed, small businesses have an edge when it comes to the use of social media.

Which is why 60% of small business owners believe that social media is essential to their business. As a small business owner, you have the following marketing advantage;

1. Zero and Low Cost of Advertising

Social media is free. Registering and using any social media is free, or totally free. You can target customers within a certain radius of your local business. It’s only when you are willing to go outside of your business locality that you have to pay for advertising.

Rather than spending thousands on advertising, you can achieve your marketing goals within your locality. You can always reach out to your customers and potential customers via social media, it will come naturally for them to share their experiences.

Even if you have to spend on marketing, there’s a low cost associated with social media marketing.

2. Personalization and Customization

As a small business, having a personal touch with your customer is one of your strong points. Many patronize small businesses due to the excellent shopping and customer service experience. The personal services received is why customer want to shop at small businesses.

Using social media marketing, you are able to give more than just a scripted response to customers. Providing them with individual experience, providing genuine answers showing concern.

There can be a direct connection between a small business and customers using social media marketing.

3. Individual and Community Focused

Small businesses are always close knitted within their community. These small businesses are always heavily involved in their communities, a form of connection with their customers. Through social media, there can be an individual rapport within small businesses and their customers.

The community can use social media to reach out to the business, voicing out their opinion on the goods and services provided. With social media, you can manage the views of customers.

With social media marketing, you can build a connection with customers and communities.

4. Group and Complimentary Marketing

As a small business with low marketing resources, you can join hands with other small businesses to carry out paid social media marketing campaigns. By collaborating with neighboring small businesses, you can further lower the cost of advertising.

For instance, you can link your business to another to increase patronage for you and the business. For example, if you are running an auto parts business, you can connect your business to that of a mechanic. This will allow you to share the cost of running campaigns.


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